In Retrospect: Which Worked Better?

Hindsight is 20 / 20, but maybe there's a lesson here.

Which worked better for us? Patient, well-executed intelligence combined with a relatively small-scale effort? Or, "shock and awe"?

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John Fandl said…
So I guess the Germans learned the same lesson--go for the diligence after the blitzkrieg didn't turn out so well...
Perplexio said…
One of the costliest mistakes of the Iraq War (besides that it happened in the first place) was that the surge didn't happen immediately after the fall of Baghdad. After the Allies defeated the Nazis there was an immediate troop surge to prevent a Nazi insurgency against the occupying Allied forces. It quelled any possible insurgence before one had a chance to take root. By not initiating a troop surge immediately following the fall of Baghdad the insurgency was able to take root and cause serious damage and prolong our involvement in that conflict. Had the surge been implemented immediately we'd already be completely out of Iraq by now... heck we would have been completely out of Iraq by 2007 when the surge finally did end up happening. It would have resulted in fewer deaths of US soldiers and saved us a tremendous amount of money in the long term.

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