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"I swear this is the last time I come running when she calls," Dave said.

"Yeah. I think I've heard you say that before," I replied.

Dave had called me a few hours ago and asked for my help. I didn't ask for details; I owed him.

"I know. I know. I can't help myself when it comes to her."

"Tell me again - what she said."

"She thought she was being followed. She was going to stop in Lena at a gas station and wait for me. But, the call ended abruptly. You know how crappy the reception is out this way."

We were driving west on highway 20. He was right. Cell phone service was spotty out here at best, as was security. There just wasn't enough money out in the rural areas to make it worthwhile. It was dark. The trees were thick, overhanging the road in many places. A light from one of the few farmhouses would occasionally break through the dense growth. It had been a long time since anyone had trimmed back the trees and bush…

Raise the Debt Ceiling?

I was watching Ben Bernanke testify before the Senate today. One of the Senators asked his views on raising the debt ceiling, and the possibility of a shutdown of the government. Bernanke said not raising the debt ceiling would be like a family fixing its finances by just refusing to pay its bills. A better, and more honorable, approach would be to meet your commitments and cut up the credit cards and vow to spend no more. Bernanke said that the current debt is for things we’ve already committed to: contractors are owed money, citizens are counting on receiving social security checks… And markets would go into complete turmoil if the US government announced it was no longer paying interest on its debt – and regular people would suffer incredible losses in 401Ks and retirement accounts just when they are starting to look a little better. THINK! Principles are important, but don’t ruin our lives just to make a point. Get the job done the right way – figure out a way to stop spending so …