Saying “Merry Christmas” is Against the Law?

I read this in the Batavia Republican this week. A 77 year old ex-Marine was quoted as saying:

“How many people can you walk up to in the mall and say ‘Merry Christmas’? It’s almost against the law.”

I hear other people say this too. I don’t get it though. I said “Merry Christmas” to scores of people this season – people at the library where I work, people at stores where I bought stuff, my clients, people I met at restaurants, on the street – lots of places. Not ONE gave me a funny look, grimace or any adverse reaction whatsoever.

And, if there were a law against saying “Merry Christmas” I am 100% certain the ACLU would take that up. It’s obviously a violation of our first amendment rights. Sure, there are rulings against government entities promoting Christmas with taxpayer money, but not individuals or business entities. And the same folks that get all riled when government is prevented from emphasizing Christmas will surely be first in line to howl if the government spends a single penny on a Ramadan display!

People like this gentleman need to turn off cable news and get out and interact with people. Stop getting all your ideas from the talking heads and your life will be vastly improved.

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