Uh-oh – I go to Yoga Class – I’m Doomed

I read this article on Yahoo today. Apparently some Christian leaders think, and I quote from the article, that “practicing yoga is incompatible with the teachings of Jesus”. Wow.

These people slay me. Many of these folks are rock-solid certain that God hates homosexuals, that God is concerned about what we eat on Fridays, that God created all we see in 7 days around 6000 years ago, and now – that God disapproves of my yoga class. Yet, ask these same folks the big questions: Why is there evil? Why does a loving God allow genocide, the holocaust, child molestation, and natural disaster that kill hundreds of thousands? The answer you get is “It’s God’s will”. We’re told that we mere humans cannot begin to fathom God’s plan.

Why is God so transparent about petty, stupid stuff – but so vague, mysterious, even clueless about the truly important things?


Perplexio said…
What gets me... and I do consider myself a Christian in so far as I believe a Jewish carpenter found himself nailed to a tree after he came up with this "revolutionary" idea about 2000 years ago that the world would be a considerably better place if people were nice to one another.

What I don't get are people who take the Bible at face value. They say the Bible is the word of God... But the word of God was written by the hand of man. And maybe God IS infallible but He gave man free will. And man is far from infallible. So the Bible is, at best, The Word of God as interpreted (and many times MIS-interpreted) and perceived by man.

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