September 24th Quote

No one asked me where the quote came from on my Sept. 24th post. I thought it sounded very tea-partyish. But it was from the 1962 Port Huron Statement authored by Tom Hayden and the Students for a Democratic Society. Others (Trudeau of the Doonesbury cartoon) have noticed strong similarities between the tea party and the 60s radicals in terms of their rhetoric. Though most of the platform diverges considerably, they both seem to share a basic premise that the people don’t need to be told by the “elites” what to do – that it is best if we’re left alone to live our own lives without interference.


Perplexio said…
Another book that seems to echo the basic tenets of the Tea Party movement is Barry M. Goldwater's, The Conscience of a Conservative (originally published in 1959, 5 years before he ran for president against LBJ). The difference between Goldwater and many of the Tea Partiers however is that he was a bit more Libertarian in nature-- especially in regards to keeping religion out of politics. He also supported gays in the military. He tried to warn Bob Dole in 1996 not to let guys like Jerry Falwell "hijack" the GOP platform in that year's presidential election.

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