Country: the Official Music of VODAG?

I’ve never really listened to country music until recently. Just for kicks, I’ve tuned into our local country station the last few weeks and really listened to the music. Wow. Most everything sucks with these people. I’m seriously considering officially endorsing country music as THE music of the voice of doom and gloom. I may even have to make a trip down to Nashville to see why these folks are SO gloomy.


Perplexio said…
US Banking used to be safe and boring until the US Congress stepped in and tried to tell them how to do business...

The risk in our financial markets used to be limited to and contained within the stock market.

Much of the bank failure has to do with the sub-prime mortgage market and most of that has to do with predatory lending. This created a new market for the purchase and sale of "bad debt" and with it the speculative lending practices of the banking industry-- something that until recently they'd never done before (at least not in a manner that put them at risk).

In fairness to Canada, the political climate is Ottawa is considerably different to the climate in Washington. The overall political culture of Ottawa is much much different to that which we are stuck with in Washington.

With health care reform, many of those of us who opposed the reform bill that passed in our Congress did so not because we oppose health care reform-- but more because we don't trust our government to get health care reform right, we don't trust them to rein in spending... and given our government's fiscal irresponsibility over 200+ years why should we?

If the Canadian government were to propose a health care reform bill and control it keeping the US Congress out of it completely-- heck even a conservative Republican like me might even bite... They at least have some semblance of an idea of what fiscal restraint entails.

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