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Another Story Published… Republished Actually

I posted Something’s Burning on the blog last year and now it was accepted at Read it here.

I’m Officially a Published Author

One of my short pieces was accepted for publishing on a site devoted to stories less than 500 words. See my story at:


What a great word: wanderlust. I start to get feeling this way when the weather gets warm. I want to just hop in my car and drive. I’m not picky about where – just go somewhere.I have mixed feelings about the approach of spring and summer. Sometimes I think of those seasons as “yard-work” season. Maybe my wanderlust is just the urge to escape that work. But, most of the time I think it’s more than that. There’s an urge to hit the road, explore, see what’s in the next town, what’s in that state park I’ve never visited.I think I’ll go to the Air Force museum this spring. I’d also like to visit a friend in the Cincinnati area while I’m down that way who’s battling cancer. I have hopes by the time I get down there he will have found out he’s won. Maybe that will satisfy my wanderlust. For a little while.