Privilege to Fly? Privilege to Drive?

I read a letter to the editor recently about full body scanners at the airport. The letter writer, in a nutshell, said that “flying is a privilege” so put up with it and shut up. I’ve read similar sentiments from people regarding driving too.

I really don’t get it though. It’s a private transaction between two entities: me and the airline. I pay them; they fly me somewhere. So, according to these sheep-like people, the only way that transaction can take place is if government affords me that privilege? NO.

I get the need for regulation. If we didn’t have traffic laws, stop lights, air traffic control – there would be chaos and things wouldn’t work as well. But, those who think that the ability to drive or fly from point A to point B is a privilege only granted to us by a government are very sheep-like, subservient losers.


Perplexio said…
I'm guessing these are generally the same people who claim they enjoy paying taxes.

Driving is not a privilege. However it is both a right... and I'd argue most rights granted to us by our Constitution come with responsibilities. But our founding fathers in their infinite wisdom assumed the intelligence not the stupidity of the population. They didn't spell out what the responsibilities that come with our rights are because they believed/understood most people have the common sense to realize what those responsibilities are.

I think today, however, with those in power (in particular those serving us in Congress) there is an intellectual conceit that they know better what is best for the American people than we know is best for ourselves.

Oh and just curious... those who claim flying and driving are "privileges" I'd ask is voting a "privilege" too?

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