Expectations and a Better Life

One of my readers wrote that we had to have expectations to have purpose, to improve our lives. I believe goals and expectations are not the same thing. However, it’s still a valid question: can you have goals without expectations? If you have no expectations, does that mean you live a life without hope?


Perplexio said…
You can have goals without expectations. Goals are plans you'd like to accomplish. Expectations are things you believe will happen or have some semblance of inevitability to them. The two are somewhat exclusive of one another.

If your general worldview is that life is a crapshoot, that anything is possible generally chances are the bar for your expectations is set rather low or that you have no expectations. That doesn't mean you have no goals. Goals you set for yourself after all. You have control over those goals and the actions you take to accomplish those goals.

I will say that there is some inter-relation between the two in that those who believe that life is a crapshoot sometimes let circumstances stand in the way of their accomplishing their goals. They approach their goals with a defeatist attitude and thus because they have no expectations they aren't surprised when they're unable to attain their goals... Their lack of expectations becomes somewhat self-affirming and the perpetuity of their failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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