Town considers eyeing crime from the sky --

I read this article today: Town considers eyeing crime from the sky --

The concept is that there will be an aircraft (I couldn't tell from the article if this was a drone or a manned aircraft) filming virtually everything in the town - 24 / 7. Is this what we are moving to? Is this what we want? Our every move monitored? Our cell phones can track our movements. Our iPass can record where we've been and how fast we got there. Our credit and debit card transactions leave a trail of our whereabouts and actions. And now, we're being filmed from the sky. If this becomes the norm, will this still be the "the land of the free and the home of the brave"?

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Perplexio said…
Thank you for sharing this. It is rather disconcerting. I do understand the rationale, even if I don't agree or buy into the logic of those who support this.

What good are our freedoms and our right to privacy if we don't feel safe exercising those freedoms?

If crime is really that bad in that community, I would support such a measure only with the caveat that once crime drops back below a certain level the plane gets grounded. The temptation to start using the plane for surveillance that falls outside its original purpose would be far too great othewise.
Perplexio said…
PS: Incidentally, Eric Woolfson, of Alan Parsons Project and vocalist on the hit song Eye In the Sky died of Cancer on Dec. 2nd. He was 64.

If blog posts had soundtracks, Eye In the Sky would be an excellent song for this post... Perhaps only second to Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me.

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