Expectations are the Root of all Unhappiness

Expectations are the root of all unhappiness.

The universe is not against you. It just does not care. It knows nothing about you, your desires or your plans. This applies to everything in the universe: natural forces, man-made forces, and other people.

If you expect a certain outcome, positive or negative, that guarantees some degree of unhappiness.

If you always expect positive outcomes, you will be disappointed when they do not happen that way. Optimism, taken to an extreme, can result in a feeling of entitlement – and then disappointment turns to anger when things do not turn out as expected.

If you are a pessimist, you may not be disappointed as often, but your constant negative expectations will turn off those around you. Pessimism, taken to the extreme, can certainly result in depression if you never experience happiness, but only relief that the negative outcome you imagined did not occur.

It is better to not have any expectations at all. But, how can we accomplish this?


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