Land of the Free; Home of the Brave?

As a result of the recent arrest of Henry Louis Gates in Cambridge, MA a number of people have written in the media asking if it's against the law to show anger to a cop. Is it? This led me to wonder where I can find the laws that I'm supposed to live by. I have heard the phrase "ignorance of the law is not a defense", but how am I supposed to know them all? Are they online? Are they in the library somewhere? Are there city, county, state - federal - laws that I'm expected to be aware of and follow? Are they vague and broad as "disorderly conduct" appears to be?

I bet we'd each be shocked to discover how many laws we are expected to obey. And if we obeyed each law to the letter, would we still consider ourselves free men and women living in the land of the free, home of the brave?


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