Ignorant Obama-Care Protesters

These shouting protesters at town hall meetings are not contributing to a solution to the health care problem.

  • Legislators have heard pleas to not let government take over Medicare, which they like. That level of ignorance is astounding.
  • Rationing? Doctor choice? Have these people ever read their current insurance policies? Every health insurance policy I've ever had (including my current one, which is not through an employer because I'm self-employed) includes:
  1. A list of in-network doctors I am allowed to use. I'm free to go elsewhere, but at far higher cost.
  2. Pages of excluded treatments.
  3. Pre-existing conditions - in my case I paid all of my own doctor bills for the first year and not a penny of that went toward my deductible.
  • "Death-panels"? Insurance companies deny treatment approval all the time. 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan, a leukemia patient from Glendale, Calif., died in December 2007 while her parents, her doctors and their insurance company (Cigna) were arguing about the procedure. It's rare, but it has already happened.

I don't think that government run health insurance is a good idea. There are lots of arguments I could make about too much government influence in our lives. But, the issues these people bring up are really the problems that started all this.

I'd bet many of us would love to know who insures these protesters who seem to have insurance that allows them to see any doctor on the planet and never denies them treatment approval or claims. I want some of that!


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