The Problem with Pets

The cat on the left is Harvey. He is,
without question, the best looking cat on
the planet. He's also the sweetest, most
friendly cat we've ever had.

My wife wants to get him a buddy, either
another cat or a dog. I've been resisting.
Another cat means I have to clean twice
the litter, twice the puke... And a dog is
even higher maintenance.

However, these aren't the real reasons.
The real reason is they will break my
heart. Harvey is 8 or 9 - he's got another
8 years or so if we're lucky. And then,
he'll break my heart.

I've been thinking about death lately. The
end of the summer is here. The plants
aren't growing as fast; some are starting
to fade and wilt. Everything has a season
- and that includes us. Our season is
actually quite long, compared to the
plants in the back yard and our cat. But,
it doesn't seem long enough. It all goes by so fast.


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