Saturday Morning Pictures

I went for coffee Saturday morning, as I usually do, and because the weather was so perfect, I took a little walk around the Batavia Riverwalk and took some pictures.

This is one of a few windmills that you can find on the Riverwalk. Batavia, in the 1800s, had around a dozen companies that made windmills. Three of the major ones were Appleton, US Wind Engine and Pump Co, and Challenge. The one you see above is the OK model from Challenge, which was found widely in the western US pumping water for farmers in the early days. According to the Batavia Historical Society: "In 1890 Batavia was recognized as the leading windmill manufacturing city in the world". If only that were so now, with our looming energy crisis!

The Fox River - the source of Batavia's early economic success, along with the railroad. I don't know what kind of fish he catches (if any) or if they're edible. It was such a gorgeous morning I suppose he didn't care.

Another shot of the Fox River looking north.
The Riverwalk
One of a few bird "condos" on the Riverwalk. They seemed filled to the brim.


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