New Camera

I bought a new digital camera. I’ve hardly scratched the surface of its capabilities. I’ve only snapped a couple of pictures so far. I used to have a really nice 35mm camera and I knew how to work it. I have boxes of slides and prints from those days. I gave that up years ago, as I did music and so many other things that were fun.

I took a short drive out to the new LaFox train station and found this old, abandoned freight station right next to it. It will probably be torn down shortly, so I snapped a picture of it before it was lost. The train line now goes out to LaFox and Elburn. I was not surprised to see all the new subdivisions on the ride out to the new station. If a new train station is built in a town, it seems that guarantees new housing will follow.

I was playing with one of the photo image programs that came with my computer. It's amazing what it can do. All I had to do was choose one menu option and I created the image below. I think it was called "oil painting". Amazing.


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