Wasting Time

My productivity has slacked off lately. I'm not writing anything (look at the last time I wrote a post). I am not getting much programming work done (I hope my business partner isn't reading this).

There's probably some deep psychological problem causing my slacking output, but there's also some external time wasters that I know of: reading internet "news", chat and TV.

If I sign on to My Yahoo or iGoogle, inevitably some news item will catch my eye. Of course, most of these stories have links to other things and before I know it, time has flown by. The worst thing is that the news is usually trivial, stupid stuff.

If I see friends on chat and get started I can lose hours. Sometimes I chat with multiple people. While it's nice to catch up, I have not mastered the art of multitasking such that I can get any work done.

Lastly, TV can take up most of my evenings if I'm not careful, and I rarely am careful. I'll turn on the tube at 6 and usually around 11ish I'll notice that 5 hours have gone by and I have no recollection of what I just watched. My mind turned to mush around 9ish and I realize I'm dead tired and should have gone to sleep right around the time my mind turned to mush. Last night I got home from work around 9:40 and ended up watching a movie about Rubin Hurricane Carter until 12 AM at which point I remembered I had a DVR which could record the remainder of the movie. What a waste.


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