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Health Insurer Tales

I received three letters from my health insurer yesterday. One informed me that they were requesting my medical records from my doctor. Another informed me that they were requesting my records from Wal-Mart Pharmacy. The third letter was the one that really made me angry. They included a form asking me to fill in all the docs, hospitals, pharmacies or any provider that treated or consulted with me in the last 5 years. Here's the line I liked the best: "Although medical information may have been provided at the time of your application, please take this opportunity to send us a complete listing including any additional information not previously disclosed". First, they know darn well they asked for medical information on my application. In my case, I had to go back 10 years! I was really upset at the implication that I was dishonest in my application. Their tone sounds like "tell us now before we find out".

What's all this about? Approximately $22! I went to …

Perfectionism a Symptom of Getting Older?

I shy away from activities I'm not good at, or feel I'm not good at. I just can't seem to be a beginner anymore.

I don't post as often to this blog as I might if I didn't have this slight case of perfectionism. I get an idea, but after I've written it down it usually seems too trivial, or boring, to post. The blogosphere is full of the trivial - why should I feel bad about my posts?

I took piano lessons when I was very young. I was OK. I played a few songs adequately. I didn't like to practice, so I plateaued. I think I'm interested in trying again. I have both a piano and an electronic keyboard. I have the time. But because I can't make amazing, accomplished music right now, I don't sit down to play. It's difficult to listen to myself play - it's not that I'm so bad, but I'm back to being a beginner.

I took a drawing class when I lived in New Hampshire. Actually, I did pretty well. But I haven't picked up my drawing pencils (d…

Notes from the Library

Are we really doing kids in our community a favor by providing computers with internet access? Consider the mission statement of my local library (from their website): " The mission of the library is to provide and ensure access to materials and services to meet the lifelong learning needs of residents and organizations as well as to create a welcoming place to gather, exchange ideas and participate in cultural events." I could quibble with this mission statement. I think libraries should be places that promote reading, culture and a spirit of critical thinking and contemplation. However, everything seems to be market oriented now - give people what they want.

My observation is that many of the kids in the library spend all their time in front of computer screens on MySpace, chat and watching videos. No books enter their hands; Microsoft Word is not used to write a paper; the internet is not used to research school assignments.

According to Susan Jacoby in her latest book (The…