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Health Care: It’s not about insurance!

Why is the discussion about healthcare always about insurance? Why is it that the two choices always seem to be “socialized medicine” or affordable insurance? I think that we have socialized medicine right now – it’s just run by the private sector for profit rather than the government! And, it’s almost as dysfunctional. Consider the socialist maxim: “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” Isn’t that pretty darn close to the insurance business model? Don’t the insurance companies take from those able stay healthy and give (reluctantly, but that’s another story) to those unable to stay healthy? And, because we are a compassionate people, those of us who are able to pay insurance indirectly subsidize those who cannot through higher rates. So, in effect, I maintain we already have socialized medicine. The big difference is that the organizations currently running healthcare (the insurance companies) have profit as their primary goal – NOT our health! I don’t c…

Check out the latest version of DecisionPlanner!

Amber & I have release the latest version of DecisionPlanner. It is available at now offers Decision Modeling. Help people make decisions by sharing your expertise. Create a decision model for others to copy. There are three programs available, two of which can allow you to make some money and build your own business. DecisionPlanner now has a wizard that makes it easier to enter information related to your decision. Simply answer the questions on the screen and click the next button. You’ll get feedback early and often. DecisionPlanner will offer recommendations and rank your alternatives early in the process and often as you give it more information. One of the most powerful new techniques used in DecisionPlanner is paired rankings. If you have more than two alternatives, or more than one perspective, paired rankings offers a superior method of ranking you options. The theory is that you can choose between two options far easier than you can ra…

24/7 News Cycle is Costing Us Billions!

As I was driving from Escanaba to Batavia yesterday I listened to the radio. I heard a report that Goldman Sachs now believes we are either already in a recession, or will be shortly. These are the same folks who told their clients and others that subprime loans were a good investment, but now have to write off about $3.4 billion (according to because they were SO wrong. Now they expect us to believe them when they predict a recession? The market went up yesterday, apparently ignoring their pronouncement.

The market gyrations lately have been overreactions. The media stokes the fires and the traders overreact to the supposed news - most of which is rumor, or at best undigested raw facts.

Recession? When I graduated from college in the late 70s:
Inflation: 13.5%Prime Rate: 18.5%Unemployment: 7%Today's numbers are no where near that. We survived the late 70s - early 80s, and we will make it through today's numbers too.

I was watching the pundits after the New Hampshir…

Chicago Fireboat

I went to Escanaba to visit Yoopersoft World HQ this week. While there, I noticed an old Chicago Fire Department fireboat sitting up on blocks. The Joseph Medill was built in 1949. It was basically a firehouse on water. It's 90 feet long. Now of course it's rusting and basically a home for birds. It was supposed to be sunk in Lake Michigan off of Algoma, WI to create a reef, but the Wisconsin DNR stopped the sinking and now she sits in Escanaba, MI.