The Bears Season is Over

The Chicago Bears season ended last Sunday on a hugely high note. I know there is one more game next week. We play the Saints. But, my team is not going to the playoffs and we beat our main rivals last weekend: the Packers. We destroyed them. We embarrassed them. The score was 35 - 7. It was glorious. The Chicago papers have had articles recently saying that the rivalry isn't as intense. It claimed those fans that think a 2 - 14 record is OK, as long as the two are the Packers, are remnants of the past. I disagree. Those articles were either 1) written before the game to reduce the pain of the assumed loss, or 2) written by people new to the Chicago area.

Of course, now that the Bears have swept the Packers, I can move on. I will be rooting for the Packers the rest of the way. I always root for the NFC North teams when they are in the playoffs, as long as they're not playing the Bears. Go Pack!


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