End of Summer

Late August and September make me think about time. Other events, like my birthday, also make me think about time. But birthday thoughts, for me, are usually constructive. Birthdays don’t usually depress me like they do others.

In late August and September it seems it’s all about loss. It’s the “end of summer”. I hear this in the news media, in endless advertisements and from other people. It’s not really the end of the nice weather though. September and early October still have some beautiful days for outdoor activities. I think the whole “end of summer” talk is very child-oriented. It is the end of summer for them. They go back to school. But, do all of us have to suffer this negative vibe just because the kids have to go back to school? Can’t we celebrate the fact that now the resorts, parks and beaches will be free of screaming kids and long lines? It’s not that I don’t like kids, but don’t make adults feel lousy just because they have to go back to school. It’s not like adult workers had the whole summer off! There is plenty of nice weather left to do things outside. Don’t get us all depressed months before the dark and cold of winter really sets in. Let us enjoy the true end of summer – summer does officially end September 21st after all.


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