Technology and Living in the Forest

Our current house is in a heavily forested section of Rindge, NH. Our house sometimes feels as if it’s in a technological black hole. My cell phone rarely works there, though the cellular modem for my laptop is very reliable. We don’t have high-speed internet access. When we rented the house, we didn’t even check for these things. It’s 2007 – why should I have to? But, we should have and we will next time. We could get a land line I suppose, but we’re only here until November.

I have become very dependent on the internet access. I use it to pay my bills, keep up with folks via e-mail, make travel plans, research stuff and attempt to make a living at (visit and spend some money – it should be live at the end of this week or next week). Dialup internet access is just too slow to do all this. So, I go to the library at Franklin Pierce University and plug an ethernet cable into one of their tiny study rooms and surf away. It’s actually turning into my office. I might even put a picture up in here :-). I have the place to myself now in summer, and I predict not too many college kids will be using the library from 8 AM – 12 PM when classes start in the fall. So far, it seems to be working out OK. There have been some Yoopersoft applications I can’t get to – I suspect due to the university firewall, but nothing that has stopped me cold yet. Maybe our next house will allow me to work at home again, but perhaps I'll miss my tiny cubbyhole here by then.


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