No TV!

Our Dish Network box stopped working today. It’s been on and off since Sunday night, mostly on though until today. I called the Dish Network technical support number yesterday (Monday), but was told because the weather was bad that they would not do any diagnostics and to call back when it clears up. So, today it cleared up. Today the network was mostly off. I called again and they asked me to push a bunch of buttons. The end result is that we are getting a new receiver. And, it will take about 5 days. Since we’re going back to Chicago for a slightly long weekend on Saturday, that means we won’t have TV until a week from today at the earliest. Of course, the cable has been turned off in Chicago since we moved out here, so we won’t be able to get our TV fix there either.

What does all this mean? Thank goodness we both have good books. As I write this, we’re in hour 3 or so and still surviving. But what happens when the books run out? We’re in New Hampshire. You just can’t run out and get another book that easy. What then? It is quieter. Perhaps my IQ will actually increase a fraction of a percent. Maybe we will lose the urge to run out and buy stuff we don’t really need. Maybe next Tuesday we won’t bother to hook up the new receiver.

Nah, who am I kidding?


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