Nice Airliner - EMB170

I flew from Chicago to Hartford, CT yesterday on United. The plane shown on my itinerary was an EMB170. I thought it was one of those regional jets that look like converted corporate jets. But, I was very wrong. This had engines below the wings and looked more like a 737. What a nice plane inside. It was 2 seats on each side of the aisle and felt much more spacious than a Boeing jet. Just that lack of a middle seat makes such a difference! I don't know if the seats are any wider, but psychologically they felt a lot wider. It was a bit noisier than the 737, but everything else felt better - the space, the climate control, the lighting... I was very impressed.


Gordy Adams said…
What's this? I thought you were a white knuckler. It looks like you are keeping busy in retirement. Hope you let us know when you are coming back for a visit.
Your pilot neighbor

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