Impressions of New Hampshire

I do not find the people to be standoffish. I expected that based on the stereotypical New Englander, but everyone I've interacted with has been friendly and open.

The environment feels good here. The air is fresh. The breeze is cool. The trees are magnificent.

It's funny. I love the forested look; the more trees the better. However, one of the real estate agents told us people here really like open fields, or meadows. I guess you can feel hemmed in by all these trees. I have yet to get to that stage.

Weather sneaks up on me here. In Illinois I could see a storm coming for at least half an hour, often longer. The lightning would be visible in the west well before you could here the thunder. In New Hampshire, because of the density of the trees and the hills, the storm is on top of you with little notice.

There is a New England Gourmet Hot Dog place in Rindge. I haven't tried it yet and I'll review it in a future post. I did peruse the menu though and there is no Chicago-style hot dog mentioned. That is an incredible omission. Don't these people know that Chicago is the center of the hot dog universe? I suspect I will have to educate them.

I have a library card. The Rindge library is very small. The adult area is perhaps not much larger than this house we've rented. However, they can order books from anywhere and because of that, it is as capable as any library on the planet. I signed up for the Friends of the LIbrary, offering to help teach people how to use computers.


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