Sunday, May 2, 2010



What is it about water that makes it so calming? I don’t feel comfortable in water – I can’t swim and I get scared when I’m in too deep. But, I love being around it. The sound, the beautiful colors, and the smells all make me feel better. 

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Perplexio said...

Maybe it's that the human body is comprised so heavily of water. I've heard the water theory as a possible reason why things get a little crazy on nights of the full moon (ERs being busier than usual and what not)-- if the moon affects the tides of our oceans, wouldn't it in some way also affect our bodies that are made up of so much water?

So maybe our attraction to water is somehow related to our body chemistry.

Then again, the first 9 months of our lives are spent in the womb, in liquid-- maybe there's a collective latent gestational memory resposible for our attraction to water.